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Bois de Rose Fragrance | Bois De Rose | Fragrance Candle | Sass & Boho

Bois de Rose Candle

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Bois de Rose

Bois de Rose, also known as Rosewood, encapsulates the essence of sophistication and elegance.  As the fragrance unfolds, revealing an exquisite bouquet of woody, floral, and sweet notes that ignite the senses. 

The top notes of this fragrance evoke a sense of mystery, with the subtle whispers of Incense and rich Oud setting the stage for a luxurious experience. As the scent develops, the heart reveals the velvety embrace of Red Rose Petals and juicy red berries.  A timeless scent that is sensual and elegant. 

Incense - Oud - Rosewood - Red Berry - Cedarwood - Red Rose Petals 

Soy & Coconut Wax Scented Candle.

300g / Approx 70 hr burn time.

Vegan - Cruelty Free